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Ghettoman and the Believers bring you a great mix of African and Caribic traditional roots and conscious reggae music with positive and authentic vibes. His message focuses on the social and the political injustice, racial and tribal prejudice and discrimination among Black people, White, Indians or Colors. He is calling the world to embrace peace and harmony among themselves, living in love with each other.

He appears to be a figure/a man whose charismatic acts and performance on stage leaves always a remarkable impression and footprints in the hearts of the people wherever he goes.

In the year 1997 his fans called him “Jah anointed messenger” due to his contributions towards the development of the spiritual growth of the youths in the society. In the year 2000 He was recognized as the „Man of peace“ through his spiritual, courageous and peaceful message of hope and unity between Christians and Muslims in Africa and the whole world, e.g. Lamentations of Somali, Rwanda, Congo and so on. This was demonstrated through his song titled “Gbagbo-Gbagbo” meaning (Shoot and kill shoot and kill)

In the year 2006 he formed an anti racist moving moment Reggae Band called “Ghettoman and The Believers”. This band supports him with their great vibes. He became the first artist to receive the award of the Mozart Year 2006 in Vienna, Austria called „The new crowned hope „organized by an American, known as Peter Sellars.

In the year 2007 he was called by an African Ambassador “Bob Marley” of the new Millennium after his performance at Palias Eschen Bach. His message of peace and love, equality and justice has gained him tremendous audience/fans in different parts of the world wherever his music is being played. Always with his unique slogan, Make love and not war.

Ghettomanlive or Ghettoman and the Believers is a band you will watch once, and will ever love to watch them anywhere and anytime. So many people call him preacher while the students and the youths call him the power and the voice of the less privileged in our society.

Before his arrival in Europe, he has made a significant success in Africa reggae scene with two original albums Titled: What is happening and the second Album called The Man of Peace: including hit tracks like (Unemployed graduated, Rasta takes over and the song of the all time called: Capital Bushmen). His hit single called “Dirty Babylon” was released by Radio Africa TV in compilation of the Africa Star Parade 2007. With this song, he called on the people, Black or white to deviate from racial discrimination and live in love with freedom for all. He went on recording many singles like “Give me love” featuring Cola man, “Sing a reggae featuring a great Spanish reggae giant called Roe Delgado, another powerful hit single called “Journey of eternity”, “Jah bless the youths”, “Comes around”, just to mention but a few.

With the great power in his voice and his deep spiritual message of Freedom, he proceeded to the top of the reggae scene fighting to set the captive free, to lose the chain of the prisoners and to bring justice to the needy. The feelings from his music according to one of his Spanish fan, is difficult to explain in writing but it is a music and act that one feels with body and soul spirit and flesh.

NOSOTROS QUEREMOS MÄS, one can’t resist his music.

The multicultural Reggae band with Ghettoman as front singer is already a fixed part in the Reggae scene in Africa, Europe and the World at large. Their numerous gigs speak for themselves, e.g. at Wiesen Sunsplash, the biggest Reggae-Festival in Austria, the Africult-Festival, the Africa-days on Donauinsel, the Donauinsel-Festival and many more.

Ghettoman clarifies with his songs not to equate Reggae culture with drugs, violence-glorifying and discriminating lyrics.

The authentic Reggae from Ghettoman & the believers talks about equality of all people, about love, valuation and respect for all people and solidarity. One love, one heart, one soul and one world – that is the message from Ghettoman & the believers with African Reggae, Modern Roots, Conscious Reggae and Ska.

Make love and not war.