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New Albums - Rise Up/Revolution

GhettomanRise Up and Revolution are newly pressed albums by Ghettoman. They are available in iTunes and other related sites.

Rise Up and Revolution contains songs  of  Love, Peace and Freedom. 

The album "Rise Up" was  recorded  between  the Years 2010 and 2014. It was  recorded  at  Cellarootz Studio Vienna/Attersee Austria, by a Reggae and Dancehall  producer Mr. Dominic Gall. We worked together with notable musicians in and around Austria from Jazz, Blues, Reggae to Classics. "Rise Up" was mastered at Big Tune Studio di Francesco Palazzetti Italy. 

Ghettoman"Rise Up,, contains 13 sound tracks filled with messages of peace  and  love, freedom for the oppressed and captives, justice for the needy and  equality for all, irrespective  of race, creed, colour, culture or language . We have to rebuild the bridge of Love amongst us.


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Download the long awaited Album below

ghettomanThe Album is officially released on 16th of July 2011 in Barcelona Spain you can get a copy of it or you buy from the following Internet stores: iTunes, Amazon, Sportyfy, etc.

Greetings in the name of His Imperial Majesty, Jam Rastafari. Ghettoman flash in again into the Reggae/Dancehall scene with his latest Albums.  (a) WAKE UP from his various singles which was made free for all his Fans, Lovers, DJs, Friends and Families. (b) The second Album is titled JUSTICE. This is an Album which contains numerous styles and conscious messages that touches the heart and minds of the people. It was released Digitally on 16th July 2011 in Barcelona Spain, and the CD will soon be at your reach everywhere in the World. 

In this Album, Ghettoman addresses human most pressing needs and urge everyone to love irrespective of colour or creed. He went on crying to stop the violence against women all over the world and to give Justice to all innocent prisoners wherever they may be. This is a fine work produced by the great producer of our time called LizDread at Rica Onda Production, Barcelona, Spain.

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“One love, one heart, one soul and one world”